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About NovelTek

Based in North West London, NovelTek works tirelessly with small-scale businesses and corporations to help build a high-quality application to suit all their needs and requirements.

Our team hold over 15 years of industry experience, dedicating massive amounts of time to you to guide you through each stage of the app building process to ensure your app perfectly matches you.

We create a wide range of apps

What Our Apps are Capable of

Our apps only use the latest technology and operating systems, allowing businesses to process data including time sheets, and order management on the move.

Our apps are easy to use and navigate, with accessibility to your data available on a 24/7 basis. Using the latest technology means our app helps speed up your work productivity, as well as allowing you to access your client’s data at any given time.

We use the latest software to create modern apps

Our Personalised Service

Our team work tirelessly to ensure that your matches the ambition and quality of your business, this means we involve you in every step of the process to ensure that you are getting an app you could only dream of.

We offer you a free initial consultation to get an idea of what you want your app to be and what data you want to be captured in the app while offering our expert advice along the process to ensure it is meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Call or email us to hear about our illustrious app building history and more about the excellently personalised service our expert team provides.